The LCF Methodology

LCF Fun Languages Australia and New Zealand specialise in teaching French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and English to children 2-12 years old.

With over 20 years experience in teaching languages to children, our FUN methodology has seen LCF Fun Languages fast becoming the leading provider of language learning programs for children and schools and second language learning resources for schools, across Australia and New Zealand.  

We know that kids LEARN when they're having fun!


Our language teachers use a wide variety of games, lively activities, drama and music in their clubs, which gets the children playing with the language while also catering to a range of learning styles and abilities.

Children (or parents) do not need to have any prior knowledge of the language being taught, and our club members get a CD to take home so they can still listen and sing along to the new language in between the lessons. The lessons are also supported by excellent interactive online learning activities which they can do at any time.

Many clubs are taught after school or in the lunch hour, while some schools are choosing to offer language clubs during school time. This fun approach is having great results and also inspiring children to learn about the world and different cultures around them.

LCF Fun Languages communicative and activve approach includes a range of activities to cover all learning styles. Our lessons include:

  • Lively games
  • Quiet games
  • Music and songs
  • Drama and role play
  • Many activity sheets
  • Access to Babelzone, our unique online learning resource for French and Spanish.

All language courses follow a carefully designed structure which will ensure that your child gets taught at a level most appropriate to their needs

'Informality and fun are the keys to learning at LCF Clubs' - Times Educational Supplement

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Watch a French for Kids Drama Club in Action

Check out more of our LCF Clubs TV Channel for clubs in action!

Testimonials from Schools

  1. “Babelzone is an excellent IWB resource. Introducing Babelzone into our French program has added an extra dimension to our pre-school to Year Two French program.
    Alexandra Harper Head of Early Childhood, Redlands, Sydney

  2. I really like Babelzone. It works so well with our Year 8 groups and the book is just the right length for our 2 terms. ...... My only complaint is that they get a bit noisy.............because they are having so much fun and laughing!!
    Sue - Sancta Maria School , NZ
Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:40

Testimonials from our LCF Teachers, who LOVE what they do

  1. “I have one child with a French Canadian mother. Apparently since joining the class she has shown much more interest in speaking French at home and loves to practice the new vocabulary she has learned with her mother.”

  2. “I have brothers in my class who are consistently late for band practice, but always on time for Italian! They enjoy coming to school early and being part of our club.

  3. I was not aware but one child in my French group was dyslexic and lacked self confidence because of this ........ I didnt know this until her mum came and thanked me at the end of term and said that she had become almost a different child and was full of confidence and enthusiasm ! It had made a huge impact to her and her whole family !
Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:40

Testimonials from parents

  1. “You taught my eldest daughter for Year 1 and 2. Lily has changed schools, this year and they studied  French in class ( Lily said it wasn’t challenging enough and she had covered all the topics with your school) . She was awarded the Junior School French Award. I have no doubt it was from the good language base she had with you, together with visiting France.”  Mother of Year 5 student, Sydney
  2. “ I am very impressed watching the children respond to you when I sit in – it gives me not only great pleasure but also jogs my memory as I used to speak French fluently before going to school from my grandfather.  Well done and thank you for always being so engaging and well organised.  The children think you are wonderful….and so do the mums.”
  3. “….. I would really like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy and thrilled we have been with the LCF teaching. We now have French at breakfast lunch and dinner and as a Mum I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.”
Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:39

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