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What is Jazz-Mataz?


Jazz-Mataz offers a fun and educational music, movement and language program designed for babies from 6 months to children of 5 years old. JAZZ-MATAZ has recently won a prestigious European award for its course content.


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Using music, language, fitness and movement, our fun-filled sessions offer the complete preschool development package. Jazz-Mataz helps children to develop their social, interactive and sharing skills through the use of basic musical instruments, singing, dancing, language and lots of movement. Our Clubs have never been more popular with parents who are increasingly keen to expose their children to educational activities like music and language. Research has shown that music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain – the logical and the creative- at the same time. The program can also integrate foreign language into the program, which makes it even more exciting!


Sessions are delivered at mother and preschool groups or at Childcare Centres.


A good singing voice is required for teaching, and basic book-keeping/computer skills are required for successful maintenance of the business' administration. 


Walk right into a turnkey business with very exciting potential.

Jazz-Mataz is part of the suite of LCF Language Courses and an exciting stand-alone business opportunity for anyone who has a passion for working with young children. If you enjoy sharing music and language, engaging young children and wish to create your own flexible and rewarding business venture, a Jazz-Mataz licence provides you with a once in a life time OPPORTUNITY.


Take POSITIVE ACTION and ENQUIRE NOW to discover if Jazz-Mataz matches your hopes and needs!

Jazzmataz is an ideal program to offer to any preschool/Childcare centre and we support with leads!

  • All members get free access to Englishzone – online learning resource for use at home which incorporates Jazz-Mataz songs and games
  • Language teachers not required - just energetic, enthusiastic leaders with a love of music
  • Huge potential market

In the club the children will learn to:

  • Participate in a group
  • Concentrate and listen
  • Exercise and have fun doing it
  • Increase their confidence
  • Improve their motor/movement skills
  • Discover the Anglophone cultural heritage and musical traditions
  • Children who engage in active play and are likely to stay active and be physically fit in the future

What you will get for your initial investment:

  • The Intellectual Property - the business, operational and learning system, and know how
  • Start-up pack includes Jazz Bear, cds and songbooks, reward stickers and a set of musical instruments
  • Teacher training via workshops and online
  • 1 year initial renewable contract
  • On-going comprehensive training and support to help you build your business daily
  • Support with Teacher recruitment
  • Marketing materials including fliers, business cards, posters, letter templates, webpage etc
  • Up-to-date marketing strategies to position your business for success in the market place


The idea isn’t to create perfect performances, but for everybody to join in, experience using musical instruments, sing and act out exciting themed songs and above all have lots of fun. Together with Jazz Bear as its mascot, a fantastic array of musical instruments and excellent energetic fully trained Jazz leaders, we believe that Jazz-Mataz is an absolute must for the development of any pre-school child.

The Jazz-Mataz program can work for a wide age range:

Babies: Our teachers work with the staff to deliver a variety of action songs which help babies develop their gross motor skills and early language. Through these movements, percussion opportunities and action songs, babies will develop a feel for language, rhythm and tempo. Jazz Bear and other props are also used in activities to encourage the babies to develop their concentration and focus.

Two-Year-Olds: Led by Jazz Bear, two-year-olds are encouraged to participate physically in a range of musical and language activities, reinforced through different genres of music, beat, pitch and form. Rhythm is developed through the use of percussion instruments, as well as developing social and listening skills.

Three-Year-Olds: Music and rhythm using simple percussion instruments and Jazz Bear is used to continue the learning of music, movement and language for this age group. Elements such as musical games, storytelling, nursery rhymes and dances are used to reinforce participation in a group, concentration and listening, improving their motor/movement skills, increasing confidence and fun exercise!

Four-Year-Olds: At this age, children's awareness of language and music is used to help children build confidence and independence. Jazz Bear helps them practice rhythm, movement and language skills through a wide variety of music genres, songs, games and instrumental activities.

The business has a very strong reputation in the local and surrounding areas, with word of mouth still remaining the strongest referral source to date.




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